Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Filofera, we believe in maximum pleasure, and minimal discomfort. To make your shopping adventure with us a great one, here's a list of FAQs along with their answers.

If you have a question that hasn't been answered in the FAQs below, let us know at We'd be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

Purchasing Procedures

How to Purchase?
Easy does it...

#1 Browse through our items. 
  • If anything you like catches your eye, scribble down the item code
#2 Fill up our Order Form.
  • We need your proper Name, Mailing Address, Contact Number, Email Address, and Item Code(s).
  • If you want us to reserve an item for you, please state it in the message section located on the order form. Feel free to add any comments or forward us any questions you might have.
  • Then hit the 'Send to Filofera' button.
#3 Wait for our reply. We'll send it to your email. 
  • Do check your spam just in case our email ends up there. 
  • If any item you've ordered is no longer available, we'll inform you. 
  • If all is well, we will send you an invoice 
  • In the invoice, you will find the list of items you've ordered. You will also find the total amount to be paid, packaging and postage charges, our bank account details, along with your mailing information. Please double-check the list of items and  your mailing information. Let us know if something is wrong.
#4 Make your payment.
  • If all the information and details in the invoice are accurate, proceed to make a payment within 3 working days. Don't forget to email us the payment reference number
#5 Wait for your goodies. 
  • Once we receive the payment, we will post your items to you within 3 working days. The tracking number for your parcel will be emailed to you.

Payment Method

What payment methods are accepted?

For the moment, we are only accepting payment through:
  • Bank transfer or cash deposit to our Maybank account.
  • 3rd party account transfer via 

Delivery Information

Where does Filofera deliver to?
Currently, we are only servicing the Malaysian market. East and West Malaysia. 

What is the postage Method?
For the moment, we will be using Pos Laju Malaysia as our postage method.

What are the charges for Packaging and Postage?
For deliveries to East Malaysia - RM 7.00
For deliveries to West Malaysia - RM 9.00

If you order more than one item, you can save on packaging and posting. The above charges will apply to the first item ordered. Subsequent items will be charged RM1.00 - RM2.00 each depending on their weight.

How long will it take for the goods to arrive?
We will be posting your item(s) within 3 working days upon receiving your payment. 
Delivery time is as follows:
East Malaysia: 2 - 3 working days
West Malaysia: 3 - 5 working days

Reservations, Changes, and Cancellations

Are reservations allowed?

Yes, we do accept reservations for items. We will hold the item for you for as long as 5 working days

How do I reserve an item?

To reserve an item, fill up the Order Form and leave us a message there that you would like to make a reservation. 

How many items can I reserve?

The maximum amount of items you can reserve is 2 pieces, at any one time. This is to be fair to all our customers.

Can I change an item I've ordered with a different item?

Yes, but only if the payment has not been made, and if the other item you want is available. Email us and let us know which item you want replaced. Don't do this too many times though. We reserve the right to not entertain your requests. 

Can I exchange items that I've received?

Once the items have been mailed to you, we will not accept any exchanges or any returns. 
We have a no return and no exchange policy

Can I make cancellations?

We will accept cancellations up to 24hrs after the payment has been made
Drop us an email at letting us know and we will cancel your order.

In the case whereby you have not made a payment, we would appreciate it if you would drop us an email canceling your order. We respect your time, please respect ours. 

All About Filofera Items

The origins of our items:

Here at Filofera we have:
  • Items designed and made by us
  • Items designed and made by independent designers
  • Unique and up-to-the-minute handpicked items from outside Malaysia
How do I tell which items are which?
  •  All items designed by us or designed by independent artist will have the designer's name listed in the blogpost. 
  • Handpicked items will not bear any designer's name.
Item Availability

How do I know if an item is still available?
If an item is not labeled Sold or Reserved, it is still up for grabs. 

Is there a waiting list for reserved items?
Yes. Even if an item has already been reserved, you may still place your order for it. We will put you on a waiting list. If the other buyer cancels her order, we will release the item to the next person on the list. 

If an item has already been sold, is there any chance to get the same item?
No. All of our designed items are unique and exclusive. We only sell one of each.  

Item Quality

Are the items of good quality and condition?
All our items are brand new unless specifically stated otherwise. Our in-designed items are made with love and care and are the pride of Filofera. We also ensure that items made by independent designers or handpicked from overseas are of the same high standards. The prices of our items reflect their quality and design value.